Ask us how we can bring your space alive - for free

There is quite a lot that you can do with a space so talk to our experts and explore how you can transform your home. At IBN, we want you to have a custom build space that matches your tastes and expectation. The first step of which is to create a layout that you'll love. Our experts, will design a layout for free just so you can imagine how amazing your space can feel. Now, that's just how much we love good design.

Reasons to contact us

We'll create a custom design for your home. Email us with a brief description of how you imagine your space. We'll do the rest ! Our experts will get to work, we'll employ all our creative resources to understand your problem and answer them in a way that's efficient and aesthetic.

From us you get

You can expect a rough design plan free of cost for your home.

What happens once you love our idea?

Once you love our plan, we'll do a complete a site visit and figure out what else we can do for you. We'll optimise the plan to meet your budget and tastes.

We'll share an update cost sheet and proceed with working on your dream home.